Children's House

Process not Product

Children at this age are not little adults. They are interested in the process of doing something, not the results. The Montessori classroom  focuses the child on the process, where she is individually. 



Children in the Montessori classroom are not rushed from one activity to the next. Concentration is valued. Children are encouraged to develop their focus as their activities become more complex.
 Children in our Montessori classroom  choose what they would like to do during the day. They also choose how long they would like to spend on each activity or "work." The materials in the classroom are presented individually to children. Materials are designed to be self-correcting and interesting to children while extending concentration

Love of learning

Children at DSM are introduced to ideas and concepts through small steps. Materials are designed to allow children to see their own mistakes and to discover new ideas at various developmental levels.

Children 3 years old through kindergarten experience the same environment, together. This allows for children to develop at their own pace. Younger children can observe older children's work and lessons.